Celebrating the realest girls with the realest traits

The first NFT project designed to celebrate + support girls and what it means to be a female of the future

From the creators of Miss O and Friends, the #1 tween girls website and established brand since 2005

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The Miss O Cool Girls are a series of 10,000 randomly generated NFTs. Inspired by drawings Juliette Brindak Blake did when she was 10 and illustrated by co-founder, Hermine Brindak, a mother-daughter duo, the Miss O Cool Girls celebrate that there is no one definition of what it means to be a girl. Featuring unique and diverse traits of young teen girls – acne, braces, gap teeth – the mission is to empower and build self-esteem in girls to continue to offset how current media and social media consumption are leading to toxic bullying, trolling and negative role models.

The rarest girls have the realest traits and we love them so much for that.

The Miss O Cool Girls are here to showcase girls as the multi-dimensional people they truly are and celebrate the beautiful diversity we see. We want to help our community (and the world) feel less alone by emphasizing that there is no one definition of what it means to be a girl.

The Miss O Cool Girls are a natural extension of the Miss O and Friends brand. The Miss O and Friends brand has been around since 2005, starting as a hobby for our co-founder Juliette Blake while she was in high school, then turning into a business after receiving significant investment from Procter & Gamble. Through the Miss O and Friends website (#1 tween girls website), Girl2Girl Wall app (only safe chat app for tween girls) and YouTube Originals series, Hyperlinked, Miss O and Friends is a safe socialization brand that is dedicated to changing the current narrative for girls.

We are so tired (and disgusted) seeing how current media consumption and investment is leading to age-inappropriate content and toxic social media filled with bullying, trolling and negative role models. It’s got to stop.

As the metaverse becomes a reality and this new technology evolves, it’s our chance to start it with the empowering narrative we want for girls. One that can change our world for the better with education, inclusion and involvement. Because, “the best thing about girl power is that over time it turns to woman power.” (thanks Cleo Wade, we love this quote sm).

We’re so excited to explore this next phase of our business as we launch our first NFT’s building upon our incredible community that’s reached millions of girls and showing the world why it’s important (and necessary!) to invest in women businesses.

We’ll be using our platform to educate girls about crypto and web3, invest in other girl and women NFT projects and donate a portion of initial sales to like-minded foundations aligned with our mission. We’re excited about our partnership with Girl Up and Alliance for Girls to educate and onboard more girls into web3.

Check out our full origin story and our roadmap for how we plan to support this launch within our existing offerings, and new ones to come!

Everything we have always done is driven by our community and we can’t wait for you to be part of this new journey with us! Love you moxies 💜


  • Pre-Drop

    We’ll be dropping 50 Miss O Cool Girls to our pre-existing Miss O and Friends members. If you’re new to our community, or have been a moxie forever, you’ll get an email from our team and if you send us your metamask, we’ll drop you an NFT.

  • Pre-Sale

    We’ll be showing our early supporters some love so be sure to follow along our Twitter and Discord on how you can be added to our pre-sale allow-list!

  • 10% Minted:

    We will pick 10 random Miss O Cool Girl owners and ship them their print in collaboration with 13 year-old blockchain artist and designer Ariella Maizner, Founder of Theme NYC

  • 25% Minted

    Commitment to donate 2ETH to web3 education

  • 50% Minted

    Purchase 2ETH worth of girl created NFTs (chosen and voted on by our Discord community) which will be the first purchase from our Miss O Cool Girl NFT Fund

  • 75% Minted

    We will pick 10 random Miss O Cool Girls owners and ship them an exclusive 1 of 1 NFT hoodie in collaboration with 13-year-old blockchain artist and designer Ariella Maizner with her eco-friendly, sustainable line

  • 100% Minted

    10 super rare Miss O Cool Girls will be airdropped to 10 random Miss O Cool Girl owners. These rarest girls have the realest traits (hello again shaved off eyebrow!) and that’s why we love them so much

We don’t want to overpromise, but we already have some amazing projects in the works and ideas we’re so excited about, including:


$25k Girls Who Mint Fund

We’re excited to bring our amazing community of tween girls into the NFT world and with that comes our commitment to education. Anyone on our platforms will see content educating our community about crypto and web3 as well as exciting partnerships with other female focused web3 education companies.

We know this world can be a little scary and confusing so we want to help you learn. Our first major commitment to education will be our $25k Girls Who Mint Fund, providing 250 moxies the opportunity to receive $100 worth of ETH to use toward learning how to mint and buying their first NFT. Learn more here!

You’ll also see posts highlighting some of our fave girl, kid and women focused NFT drops. (*psst, if you’re a kid or a female/non-binary creator, send us your drop deets and we’ll be sure to get it up on our platforms). You can also shill these in our designated Discord channels. We’ll also be launching new Girl2Girl Wall groups around crypto, web3, NFTs and the metaverse. Buckle up babes!

Meet the Team

Juliette Brindak Blake 



Hermine Brindak  

Co-Founder | Artist

Liz Tomaino

PR & Outreach

Haeju Jeong  


Frequently Asked Questions

Miss O Cool Girls are availble to mint now! mint.missocoolgirls.xyz and Opensea for secondary market

There will be 10,000 Miss O Cool Girls

.04 ETH + Gas. You will be able to mint up to 20 per transaction

Yes, 200. For the team, marketing and giveaways!

3% of initial sales will go toward creating the Miss O Cool Girls NFT Fund, to invest and support other girl and women focused NFT projects. These will be suggested and voted on by our Discord community.

Sales from Miss O Cool Girls will directly go back into Miss O and Friends to fund development of our community across all different medias including (but forever expanding) our website, app, series, the metaverse, marketing, physical product and of course, growing and building out our roadmap and new partnerships.

With whatever we do, we will always be grounded in our mission to help empower and build self-esteem in girls to continue to offset the issues arising from current media consumption and investment.

7% of initial sales will be donated amongst a few charities that are aligned with our mission, such as The UN Foundation, Girl Up– a movement to advance girls’ skills, rights and opportunities to be leaders.

Check out our press page!